Back to training?....not just yet.


While COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed somewhat, the committee in consultation with football and netball coaches have decided at this stage that we are not yet in a position to recommence training.  There will be no formal training until such time as social distancing restrictions are relaxed further and/or the league provides direction on whether or not the season will proceed.  Hopefully everyone is still keeping fit and now that the facilities are open, taking the opportunity to have a kick or a shot before the depths of winter (while respecting social distancing requirements!).
With allowable training numbers at 10 (and now 20) there are still a number of restrictions and protocols in place which we think limit the benefit of the enjoyment of training, limit the social engagement, place undue demands on coaches and volunteers to adhere to formal Government directives and expose the club and individuals to unnecessary liability.
The committee will meet again on the 8th June and make an assessment of any changes in Government guidelines, RDFNL instruction on the likelihood of a season and our capacity to administer the implementation of the protocols to facilitate training beyond this.
If we have a clear directive from the league at this time, we may also be able to advise on our options with respect to registrations already paid for season 2020.
Sorry we’re unable to be more definitive on where we are at, but that is probably a reflection of where things are at more broadly.  Thanks for your patience.  Look out for each other.
GO HAWKS, undefeated in 2020….!!

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