How is your To Do List looking?


My TO DO list is as close to done as it is ever likely to get. With wintery conditions now setting in, it really does feel like we should time to get down to the netball or footy – the weather is not much good for anything else.
So the official news is, there is no news, but I think we are all anticipating some shift in the broader restrictions around this time next week.  This will follow through to community sports in the weeks following.  Early days, the league said the season and all training would be postponed until the 31st of May.  This still seems likely, though there may be some opportunity for limited training prior.
Hopefully the easing of the restrictions means a return to work for those in our community most severely impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions.  And a return to school for parents who are loosing their mind.    
No one is sure what the season will look like and with just one person working one day a week on the administration of the league, I think we should all have realistic expectations of the scale and embraces whatever opportunity we have to get back on the track and enjoy the fundamentals of what we all love most about community sport – Kath’s chips and gravy!!
With respect to registrations; we won’t be able to advise definitively until we get some direction from the league as to what the season will look like and associated costs.  We would hope that registrations for 2020 can be rolled over to 2021, this would be the clubs preference and seemingly the most common sense outcome.  For anyone who has paid their registration and is experiencing financial hardship we will make arrangement to ensure this is not a burden, please get in touch if this is the case.  Whether registrations are rolled over to next year or are required to be reimbursed to provide financial relief, we will endeavour to ensure no one is out of pocket. 
So, hopefully all the Hawks have been keeping in good shape but it might be time to step it up a notch in anticipation of getting back on track within the month!!  Look after yourselves and each other.

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