COVID - 19; Season Suspended



Further to our update on Sunday night, the RDFNL in consultation with AFL Victoria have released a statement confirming that all planned fixtures, training sessions and functions have been suspended until the 31st of May, 2020. See link below or correspondence attached for your reference.

This applies to football, netball and Auskick.

This is obviously really disappointing for all of those who have put in so much effort in the lead up to the season and no doubt a frustration to the players. The club will be falling into line with the recommendations as outlined.

Apologies for the late notice for those with sessions planned in the next day or two. In the short term if coaches/Team Managers or other good Samaritans can attend training at previously nominated times to ensure no one is left unattended at venues that would be appreciated.

We’ll update you with any further developments and consider in weeks to come what will happen with registration fees and merchandise purchases once we are in a position to properly assess the likely outcome for the remainder of the season.

Look out for each other.


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