Congratulations to all of our players on a great season of football and netball. The club are extremely proud of our playing squad, our supportive parents, coaches, team managers, committee and volunteers. It takes a massive amount of energy, commitment and coordination to put 13 teams out on the football field and netball court each week and we thank each and every person for your contributions. We hope to see everyone back in Hawks colours next year, ready for another great season.
Well done to the following award recipients recognised for their outstanding year of football and netball at our club and further afield at this year’s club presentation day:

Under 9 Football Teams
All players received a participation award

Under 11A Football
Best & Fairest – Noah Hanegraaf
Runners Up B&F – Alex Gray
Coaches Award – Ned O’Connor
Team Player Award – Archer Cook

Under 11B Football
Best & Fairest – William Tuck
Runners Up B&F – William McLean
Coaches Award – Lewis King
Team Player Award – Hayden Johnstone

Under 11C Football
Best & Fairest – Bryn Sawyer
Runners Up B&F – Freddie Spring
Coaches Award – Ben Corby
Team Player Award – Jack Carrick

Under 13 Football
Best & Fairest – Charlie Paton
Runners Up B&F – Willem Hanegraaf
Coaches Award – Diesel Lewis
Team Player Award – Ben Gladman

Under 15 Football
Best & Fairest – Monte White
Runners Up B&F – Austin Lidgerwood
Coaches Award – Jacob Glasson
Team Player Award – Mackenzie Shanahan

Girls Youth Football
Best & Fairest – Jemima Spring
Runners Up B&F- Amy O’Meara
Coaches Award – Katrina Bau
Team Player Award – Tessa Nathan

Girls U18 Football
Best & Fairest – Bridget Bourke
Runners Up B&F – Lilly Bromley
Coaches Award – Maisy Crowther
Team Player Award – Lilli Collins

11/u Netball
Best & Fairest – Hayley Alexander
Runners Up B&F – Mariella Toomey-Stevens
Coaches Award – Laura Gaskin

13/u Netball
Best & Fairest – Charlee Duff-Tytler
Runners Up B&F – Isabella McBride
Coaches Award – Hayley Alexander

15/u Netball
Best & Fairest – Jessica Martin
Runners Up – Hannah Dwyer
Coaches Award – Sophia McBride

17/u Netball
Best & Fairest – Amy Duff & Madison Kleiner
Runners Up B&F – Sarah Duff & Alice MacDonald-Myers
Netball Rising Star Award – Gemma Baird
Coaches Award – Emma Cogger

Presented to Marnie for showing great support to her team through inclusion and participation.

AUSKICK AWARD – Fynn Hanegraaf & Mitchell Wearne
Presented to a player who has been an Auskick participant in the past, not necessarily this year, who will not be receiving another trophy and has continued to play for Woodend and shown improvement and support for others during the year.

CLUB PERSON AWARD – Brendan O’Connor
To recognise those within the club who make an outstanding contribution to the club; whose actions in a particular circumstance are judged by the committee to be meritorious and deserving of recognition.

A single award decided by the Committee, presented to a person within the club to acknowledge and recognise their outstanding help and assistance to the club over a sustained period of time.

AWARD – Henry Johnstone-Cornes
Nathan Deutscher passed away 22nd March 2017. Son of Wendy and Steve, brother to Timothy and Luke. Father of Mollie. Nathan was a valued member of the Club playing in the late ‘80s/90s and continued to volunteer and coach when his younger brother Luke started playing in 2001. Nathan’s family generously donated a perpetual trophy and award to the club. The criteria for the selection of the award recipient is:
1. Football or Netball
2. Over and above contribution on and off the field/court – recognising effort, sacrifices and contributions to the team and club.
3. Not in the top 3 best and fairest
4. One nomination per team, to be decided by the Committee.
5. Awarded a Perpetual trophy and waiver of their fees for the following season.
Nathans back story provided by the family is inspirational, as follows:
‘Thinking about Nathan’s playing has brought us together to have a bit of a laugh about his prowess on the field, he was very tall for his age and spent most of the game running about but not really touching the ball. He didn’t win any awards as a player but during the years he played he always arrived to training with great enthusiasm and could never be late.
He was assistant Coach with Vinn Putt (Coach) for many games and would put his hand up for Goal umpire often. He was the guy who would walk around and ask every parent to please help out, no one could say no to him, Nathan also scored most games when he wasn’t umpiring. Being involved with the Woodend juniors gave Nathan and his youngest brother a great bond even though there was 13 years between them.
Nathan also spent a great deal of the time with the Senior team sides playing in the reserves and ended up as Scoreboard operator for home games.
He believed that when you play team sports it doesn’t just come down to the best player it is about working as a team and understanding all players of different abilities. He believed this was great for kids’ mental health and helped to make them more resilient’.
Many thanks to the Deutscher family.

Team Vic 12/u Australian Football State Team:
Willem Hanegraaf

Girls Football Interleague:
Bridget Bourke – U18
Paige Koliba & Maisy Crowther – U16

Boys Football Interleague:
Finn Hanegraaf – 14A
Lachie Bianco – 14A
Harrison Duff – 14B
Austin Lidgerwood – 15B
Charlie Paton – 13B

Netball Interleague & Rep:
Alison Cumming – RDFNL 17/u Interleague Team
Jess Martin – Sunbury Sonics 15/u Rep Team
Charlee Duff-Tytler – MRNA 13/u Rep Team
Hayley Alexander – MRNA 11/u Rep Team

Girls Football:
Under 18s Youth Girls coach of the Year – Russell Bourke
U15 Girls Football Coordinator of the Year – June Gladman
U13 AFL Goldfields Junior Girls Team of the Year – Zoe McBride
U18 AFL Goldfields Womens Team of the Year – Bridget Bourke and Lilli Collins

Bryn Sawyer – 11C Football League Best & Fairest Winner
Noah Hanegraaf – 3rd 11A Football
Alex Gray – 4th 11A Football.
Charlie Paton – 5th 13B Football

Hayley Alexander – 11/u Div 1 Netball League Runners up Best & Fairest.
Charlee Duff-Tytler – 13/u Div 1 Netball League Runners Up Best and Fairest.
Jessica Martin – 15/u Div 1 Netball League Best and Fairest Winner

Youth Under 18s girl’s Football – Elimination Final – Coach: Russell Bourke
15b Football – Elimination Final – Coach: Anthony Woodcock
13b Football – Elimination Final – Coach: Tony Hanegraaf
11a Football – Grandfinalists – Coach: Jeremy Pennefather
17/u Div 1 Netball –Premiers (Best on Court Gemma Baird) – Coach: Kellie Duff

Well done Hawks on a great season, see you all next year!


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