President urgently required


Dear members

Our AGM and Presentation Day will be held on Sunday 3rd September.

As we have stressed many times this year, the current committee is running on empty due to the lack of numbers. Many are stepping down including our President and Secretary.

I can’t stress enough that we really need to have a think, ask around, about who could take on the Presidents role .
Without this role being filled, we will be unable to fill those below.
We will then be unable to start any preparations for next season.
I strongly believe if we get a President, we will get many people below to support him/her and make the task a lot easier.
The biggest task is to represent the WJFNC at League meetings.
Other than that, being a good delegator/communicator is all you need!!

Please contact any of the committee if you have any ideas.

Thanking you

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