Meet the coach-Woody!!


Anthony Woodcock
Under 10 Lowers
After playing in six junior premierships with St Marys Football Club in Seymour, “Woody” went on to play with Assumption College, Kilmore. As part of the Melbourne development squad he managed to get a few practice matches before tertiary studies beckoned.
Moving to Melbourne for uni saw him play with Uni Blacks before heading down to play for KooWeeRup in the West Gippsland League until cricket took over.
All of Woody’s coaching experience has been in cricket. Since 2003 he has worked with both senior and junior cricket locally and overseas and for the last five years has been coaching Milo cricket at first Caulfield and now Woodend.
“I find that coaching at the youngest level is where you can see the most dramatic changes. Seeing basic skills go from nothing to amazing and trying to instil a drive to be your best – that is something the kids can carry through an entire career”
Woody’s sporting career recently changed again as he retired from cricket to play with the Woodend Hesket Masters football team, reminding him how much he loves the game.
Coaching the under 10s with Woodend will be his first football coaching position, but he looks forward to the challenge.

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