G’day everyone,
I hope you are all as safe as possible, and isolation isn’t upsetting things too much.
I was just want to flick out a quick team app, as this weekend coming up would have been our first round.
Anyway, I was assuming that all of you would be missing Footy and all of the other sports (is there any other sport than footy?) and just to let you all know to keep your spirts up, dream of the day hopefully in the not too distant future we can all get together, to train and play again. To all the players, whenever you get a chance, grab a footy or a netball for the netballers and just handball, kick or throw it to yourself, keep your touch up with ball in hand, and if you get any chance, as I know most of you will be, grab your brother, sister, Mum or Dad and have a kick, handball or a chest pass, maybe a bounce pass, but use this time to hone in on the very basics of our games. So when we return, all of our skills are better, cleaner and faster.
If you need any help or would like some ideas of some good little drills to do feel free to contact me or any of the coaches for some tips and advice, I am probably not the best one for netball.
For all the parents, I bet we would all love to have those busy ferrying players around all weekend weekends back, I know I would.
But please, if I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out, and I can say confidently that we have a wonderful network of people in our great community club, people from all different areas, so to everyone, reach out if you need, we are all in this, and we can all help each other.
Hopefully it will all be over soon, and we can get back to some normality, whatever that may look like!
Be safe, be kind, be there for each other, and be ready to get back into when we can.
Cheers Jezza

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